Over 15 years of work in the computers field, and work with most specialities, such as computer maintenance, installation of networking, buying and selling, and designing web pages and other sections, can now do many things and very professional

Computer Maintenance

Computer maintenance
Computer upgrade
Remove viruses
Data backup


Install new network at home or office. 
Build new server with domain accounts.

Surveliance systems

Install cameras in your home, office or your shop, also you can watch your properties from every where even when you are overseas.

Graphic Designing

LetterheadsEnvelopesFull Colour Marketing & Counter CardsFull Colour PostcardsVouchersGreeting CardsBookletsFull Colour MagazinesFull colour printing for maximum presentationMagazines, catalogues, etc.

Webhosting & 
Websites Designing

Wide range of websites in many fields